Parliament cuts off Gruevski’s €1000/month salary, leaving him with measly €250m


Parliament today voted to cut off Gruevski’s MP monthly salary of €1000 after a law was passed that any MP convicted in a case that resulted in a prison sentence longer than 6 months should have their salary nullified. The law was carefully crafted around Gruevski’s case with MPs making sure that if they go to jail for 6 months, they could still benefit from receiving a salary.

52 MPs voted in favor of the law and stopping Gruevski’s salary. One DPNE MP broke ranks, and that was Rangelova. Later in the day, three DPNE MP’s broke ranks with the party and refused to sign an already failing initiative for Parliament to self dissolve: Daniela Rangelova, Ilija Dimovski and Krsto Jovanovski, the same MPs already identified as ‘golden reserves’ to provide their votes for name change should some MPs suddenly changed their mind.

Gruevski’s true net worth may never be known. For a reference, speculations swirled that his cousin Sasho Mijalkov was worth around €500m euros, but ended up being worth over €1 billion. Considering Gruevski’s initiative for Skopje 2014 fetched over €240m (you seriously think 1 monument cost as much as a Sukhoi 25?) and few other infrastructure projects have surely netted him serious cash, not to mention the man was in charge for 11 years. The speculation are that he is worth minimum €250m, if Mijalkov is any reference, likely more. For months Gruevski is staying at a Budapest Hotel where the daily average rate is equal to his monthly MP salary, €1000/night.

Gruevski at the moment isn’t available, he’s been busy at Budapest shopping malls. However we did our best to depict his bitter disappointment that Parliament has stopped his salary from going to his Skopje bank account.

Gruevski in the end will go down as an amateur compared to the criminal junta today. Between Zaev, his brother Vice Zaev and Angjushev who are the main players, over €1.3 billion are missing, and they’ve only been in charge less than 2 years.