Parliament ‘debates’ dismissal of chief public prosecutor


The Macedonian Parliament is set to continue Wednesday its sixth session, which agenda includes a proposal from the government for dismissal of the Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski.

The government decided to discharge Zvrlevski due to “unlawful, untimely and insufficiently professional performance” of the function. The government submitted the request for dismissal to the Council of Public Prosecutors, which accepted the proposal for dismissal of Zvrlevski.

Although Zvrlevski refused to press charges against SDS and DUI MPs for the coup, but ordered the detainment of all protesters within 24 hrs, he still can’t keep his job because two years ago started the bribery case against Zaev, as a result, the SDS leader wants him gone. A new prosecutor appointed by Zaev will dismiss the bribery charges, similarly to the way Janeva and the SPO dismissed the coup charges earlier this year.

The draft amendments to the Law on Labour Relations submitted by Nola Ismajloska, Magdalena Manaskova and Vesna Pamova and the annual reports on the work of several institutions are also on the agenda of the sixth parliamentary session.