Parliament Employee: Speaker Xhaferi was “elected” illegally, there were no 61 votes


After today’s testimony of Sasko Kocevski, an employee of the Macedonian Parliament whose main duties are the electronic and voting systems, about the way in which Thalat Xhaferi was elected president of the Assembly, and according to which Ahmeti, Manojlovski and the Besa MPs did not vote in this forgery, which means Xhaferi was short at least 6 votes of the 61 votes needed. Corrupt judge Dobrila Kacaraska received this statement and is now on the record that a massive crime was committed on April 27 last year when the election of a president of the Assembly was forged and he is obliged to submit it to the Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, since Kocevski’s testimony is a written fact and is already circulating in the media, Jovevski (public prosecutor) does not need Kacarska, he is obliged by law himself to request the record with Kocevski’s statement.

This is the same as a witness during a trial stating “yes, I saw the murder”, while the judge and the prosecutor ignore the actual murder and instead focus on something else, like speeding while intoxicated.

Essentially, we have a corrupt judge and an even more corrupt public prosecutor who are holding dozens on terrorism charges because they entered Parliament, yet, the very people who provoked the masses by conducting treason and illegally voting in a Government while Parliament was not even in session, and a senior Parliament employee stating on the record the SDSM never had the votes to elect Xhaferi… these crimes are all being ignored?

Come on, you have a Criminal Code there, you have a Criminal Procedure Code, just read it, everything is laid out for you.