Parliament repeals external testing, local elections in October?


The Parliament passed Thursday the amendments to the Electoral Code and holding of local elections in the first half of October, accompanied by extension of the terms of mayors and council members to that date.

MPs also passed the changes to several laws in the education field, thus repealing the external testing in elementary and secondary schools.

Earlier in the day, the Parliament passed the decision over the election of committee chairpersons and their deputies, members and their deputies.

The Parliament also verified the mandates of MPs Nevenka Stamenkovska, Nikica Korubin, Miroslav Jovanovik, Slavica Sumanska-Miteva, Sasko Atanasov, Liljana Popovska and Beti Rabadzievska-Naumovska, who will replace the SDSM MPs who became Government ministers.

  • Its Just Me

    WOW!!! Is the government saying where can we buy the diplomas in the future?
    Maybe a government link for corruption? :)))