Parliament Speaker: Constitutional Court will nullify Xhaferi’s illegal election


Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski says the SDS and DUI continue to fake documents in an effort to make the election of Xhaferi legal.

In a FB post, Veljanovski states that his deputies in Parliament are Stojan Milanov of SPM and Jusuf Hasani from the Turkish Democratic Party, who were appointed to their roles on 30-12-2016, in accordance to article 10-1 from Parliament’s Law.

However, the decision published in the Official Gazette, just like the seals, is falsified. It was signed by SDS’ Goran Misovski who is not my deputy.

The stenographic notes (shown below) are just one more proof that Xhaferi was illegally elected and this will be reversed by the Constitutional Court, says Veljanovski.

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  • jj

    Good if true. It will show the grown-ups taking charge again.