Pendarovski appoints women beater Ljubomir Frckovski as Macedonia’s Ambassador to UN


After the US State Department marked him unfit to serve as Macedonian Ambassador to the USA and NATO refused to issue him a security certificate, Pendarovski has appointed SDSM women beater Ljubomir Frchkoski as Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the United Nations in New York, his office told MIA.

In June last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested from the competent committee in the Parliament to schedule a session for presentation of the candidate’s theses, in accordance with the established practice.

A month ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a second request to the same commission, but the chairman of the commission again refused to schedule a session, after which President Pendarovski signed the decree, because all legal requirements were met, the President’s Office told MIA.

According to the President’s Office, the procedure for appointing an ambassador ends with the defense of the candidate’s thesis before the collegium of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Frckoski had already done it.