Pendarovski’s advisor calls Italian Minister of Interior and PM “clepto – fascists”.


Ana Chupeska, a Law professor and advisor to Stevo Pendarovski caused a diplomatic scandal with Italy by calling the country’s popular Minister of Interior Mateo Salvini and former PM Silvio Berlusconi clepto fascists. 

The reason for her outburst is the coverage by Italian media who have published footage of Zaev’s honchos and racketeers working in tandem with the illegitimate SPO in extorting huge sums of money from Macedonian businessman. No other EU media has dared to even mentioned the scandal, for a simple reason, the puppet Macedonian Government was installed by Brussels and Washington, and they don’t speak ill of their minions.

As for Chupeska’s lack of diplomacy, control and decency, there isn’t much that can be said. The fact that she insulted leading politicians of a leading EU country, and the mere thought that this woman is ‘advising’ someone is frightening in itself.