People close to Crvenkovski in Ohrid form independent lists for local elections


An Initiative Board has been formed Wednesday in the Municipality of Ohrid for preparation and submission of a list of independent candidates for members of the Municipal Council for the upcoming local elections, “Pressing TV” has learned.

The main goal of the Initiative Board, as stated in the statement, is to prepare a list composed of professionals, hardworking, honest and free-minded citizens of Ohrid, who will take over the management of the Municipal Council and turn it into a place where citizens solve their local problems.

The Initiative Board invites the citizens of Ohrid to contribute to the preparation of the election program and to participate in giving proposals for personalization of the electoral list. The intention of the Initiative Board is to create an electoral list of candidates for members of the Municipal Council of Ohrid who will directly represent the interests of their fellow citizens, the interests of the workers, Ohrid neighborhoods and settlements, without receiving orders from political parties and intra-party hierarchies.

As contact is given the e-mail address, and as signatories of the Initiative Board appear the names of Tome Cingoski, Dimitar Veljanoski, Jovan Mirceski, Nikola Projkoski, Elizabeta Barakoska, Lidija Stojanovic, Vlado Cingoski, Rita Narandzoska, Goran Trajkoski and Ivica Budeski.

Ahead of the upcoming local elections, such independent citizens’ lists are expected to appear in multiple municipalities. According to the information, most of them will include dissatisfied elements from the way of exercising power by the ruling SDSM, but also by the opposition.