Plane landing gear ruptures floor during hard touchdown in Turkey


A Russian Airbus A321-200 has had its airframe bent and floor ruptured by its landing gear after a particularly hard landing at the Turkish resort city of Antalya.

The bizarre incident with the aircraft operated by Russian carrier Nowdwind occurred on Friday afternoon. The pilots requested an emergency landing over smoke that began to appear in the cabin, according to media reports.

The landing turned out to be rough as the plane apparently hit the tarmac with its front way too hard. Photos from the scene show its airframe badly bent around the front landing gear — which penetrated the plane’s structure, entering the cabin a little. Both of the gear’s tires have been ruptured during the landing, yet the strut itself was able to survive the hit and remained standing.


The incident has been acknowledged by Russia’s Consulate General in Antalya. The plane was not carrying passengers and nobody was injured among the crew, the diplomatic mission said.