Police boss Nuhiu wants Chavkov Fired


Minister of the Interior Agim Nuhiu said Wednesday he had sent a motion to the government demanding Mitko Chavkov be discharged from his post as head of the Public Security Bureau (PSB).

By an order, Goranco Savevski – state aide at the PSB – has been appointed to coordinate the Operational HQ, Minister Nuhiu told a news conference.
Nuhiu also said the Interior Ministry (MoI) had set up a task group, made up of professionals, in charge of looking into whether the Operational HQ and the Ministry’s organizational unit this past Thursday in Parliament had acted in line with defined procedures, whether errors had been made and whether those in charge had crossed a line or failed to perform their work duties.

“Some of the Interior Ministry’s structures have done a lot of harm to our country and to democratic values in general. What had happened in Parliament last Thursday is profoundly evil. To repair the damage, it will take a long time and engagement not only in every Ministry’s service, but also in all other institutions,” stated Nuhiu.

There’s no turning back, he said, everything must be thoroughly investigated and clarified. “Everyone will answer for what they have done.”

The MoI task group is set to prepare a report whose conclusions will be sent to the Public Prosecution, according to him.
Minister Nuhiu has called on all Ministry employees to take active part in probing the Parliament’s events last week by ‘drafting and filing official documents.’ “I would like to urge them and to encourage the MoI staff to continue to perform their duties in a professional manner. The Interior Ministry needs professionals who will act as the backbone of this institution in the future,” concluded Nuhiu.