Police boss Oliver Spasovski, Vice Zaev indirectly tied to Janushev’s murder


Gambling, racketeering are the primary reasons for the murder of Janushev, reports daily Republika. The Minister of Interior, Oliver Spasovski, and the brother of SDS leader Vice Zaev are indirectly involved in the murder.

The entire city knows the killer is R.T, and this is not his first murder. He already spent 3 years in jail for a murder he committed at the age of 17.

R.T. was hired by Vice Zaev to work for his security company “Omerta Security” which is a front for racket and is behind the vandalizing of dozens of Skopje based companies who refused to pay a “protection fee” to the fake security firm.

R.T. and Vice Zaev are also behind several explosions of shops and vehicles in the Macedonian capital only in the last 30 days. “The owners of restaurants “Vili”, “MakoMarket” and “Reka” are the latest victims of R.T. and Vice Zaev. This racketeering business is protected by Primislav Dimovski, the head of the Alfa police who is personal friend with Zaev and Spasovski. Vice Zaev wants to control all gambling, night clubs and racketeering business in Skopje. The competition, as was the case with Janushev is eliminated” , reports anonymous policemen in a letter sent to Republika.

Everything Omerta Security does is approved by MOI’s Oliver Spasovski. This includes car explosions of “non paying customers”, bank robberies (two only in last week), sending UJP to pressure businesses into ‘paying Vice Zaev a fee’ so they don’t get high tax bill etc.

And while all of Skopje residents know who committed the murder, the “police” doesn’t seem to know, at worst they appear to have let R.T. escape not just the capital, but possibly the country? 36 hours later, MOI and Spasovski have yet to release a single piece of information.