Police detains man in Prilep for incident in Parliament


Police have filed criminal charges against a 28-year old man from Prilep for reportedly committing a crime, i.e. participation in a mob about to commit a crime, which is punishable under the Criminal Code of Macedonia, the Ministry of the Interior (MoI) said Monday.

On April 27, after storming the Parliament building as part of the mob of angry protesters, the man forced his way through the crowd an ended up at the Parliament’s press center while the SDSM leader was being protected by his own security. The accused had managed to get close to the party leader to attack him by kicking him in the stomach, the MoI said in a press release

The 28-year old Prilep native on May 19 was summoned for questioning by the police to explain the way he had committed the crime. He was released after a consultation with a public prosecutor.

According to the MoI, a report had been sent to the Basic Public Prosecution involving the actions of an employee of the Skopje Internal Affairs Sector.

Even though the Ohrid-born man had been engaged to provide protection of protesters taking part in the For United Macedonia protest on April 27, he stormed the Parliament with a bulk of the protesters via the main entrance. There, the 45-year old man grabbed the professional bodyguard of one of the MPs by the hand trying to take his service pistol. Previously, the bodyguard, employed at the police department for securing public figures and facilities, fired one bullet into the air as a warning for the mob to start withdrawing.

Furthermore, the MoI said on May 20 a 37-year old man from Ohrid was detained at the Skopje Airport after being identified by the authorities from a wanted circular. He has been released after being questioned by police. Adequate criminal charges are expected to be brought against the 37-year old man.

“The Skopje Internal Affairs Sector in cooperation with the Basic Public Prosecution in Skopje is continuing to take measures and activities in connection to the events of 27 April 2017 in Parliament,” the MoI said in a press release.