Police enter criminal enclave of Aracinovo, after Zaev’s marijuana stolen from Valandovo


Macedonia’s Ministry of Interior who is nonexistent across the country sprung into action last night, after it was revealed that two (2) tons of marijuana was stolen from one of Zaev’s factories in Valandovo.

The marijuana was taken to the lawless pit of Aracinovo, a village outside of Skopje that no policeman has entered in years. But that was until last night. More than 50 police vehicles, including APCs swiftly entered the village looking for Zaev’s marijuana. They found it and confiscated it. In a police report discussing their intervention, no word of who is the owner of the marijuana, or who stole it.

Marijuana growing has exploded under the Zaev regime, with the family and cronies of the SDSM leader deeply involved. The drug is allegedly grown for cannabis oil production and its export, it is widely rumored that the actual destination for it is the illegal market.

To increase his profits, Zaev has vowed to legalize marijuana in Macedonia, and turn the Macedonian capital into a second Amsterdam.

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