Police officer quits force, won’t work for “North”


A police officer announced he is quitting the force, unable to accept the imposed name “North Macedonia”. Saso Zitosanski wrote on his Facebook account that he swore to protect the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of the REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA, not the artificial NORTHERN creation”.

Police officer quits the force in protest over the imposed name

Therefore I submitted by irreversible resignation from the Interior Ministry. I was among the three top students at the faculty, averaged 9.57 out of 10 and top of the class for 2015, decorated by the Interior Minister. I dedicated my life to provide and advance the security of this sacred piece of land and this people, but unfortunately I no longer recognize it, Zitosanski writes in his remarks.

He says that he intends to leave the country so he can leave freely, as a Macedonian.