Popular Macedonian journalist gets his website taken down, social media blocked by Government junta


Milenko Nedelkovski, one of the most prominent Macedonian journalists has had all of his social media profiles blocked by the SDS’ Ministry of Interior led by Oliver Spasovski.

According to the criminal junta currently acting as “Government” in Macedonia, Nedelkovski’s cardinal sin were not his frequent opinions where he opposes EU and NATO, but the truth bomb he delivered in an interview with Russian State TV “Rossiya 24” where he opined that the criminal junta is just an extension of the American Deep State through its CIA operative in the country, Jess Baily and its EU vassals who control not just Macedonia’s foreign, but domestic policies as well.

Few days after his interview, Nedelkovski lost his personal platform Dudinka.org, in addition all of his social media access was first blocked, and then removed.

We know Milenko is a frequent visitor here, so a recommendation for our friend.
– You did well by registering .org domain, because your .mk went away pretty quickly. Never host a website in the country where you reside, particularly not in Macedonia where always foreigners are in charge. Pick places such as Iceland, even the US because there corporations are in charge, and they just want your money. Ecuador, Italy and Russia are also great places for hosting.
– Always have a back up plan (multiple domains & multiple hosts). So if one is taken down, another comes back to life the same day.
Don’t use social media, it’s not your platform, not your playground, it belongs to someone else. This means it can be taken away from you at any time, for any reason.

MINA was blocked and delisted by Google 3 times in the past 10 years. Athens was always behind it. However, the last came on a joint request by Skopje, Athens and Soros ‘NGOs’ in mid 2017. Let that sync in for a second. Their goal was to take both macedoniaonline and minareport, but couldn’t. Instead Google obliged to delist us which we see as a pretty good achievement. The best part in all this is, Google always quietly puts us back on…

  • Goran Stavreski

    Yep, do not host anything in Macedonia, it’s too easy for anyone in the Govt/police to call up the ISP provider and just tell them to block you. Way too easy. Our ISP providers have no spine to push back, pretty much like the whole country on any issue.
    By the way MINA, i noticed you got delisted three months ago, LOL, you’re doing something right, someone didn’t like your reports which puts you in really good company…

  • Athan Paris

    Skopje is the biggest troll farm on the planet..in a recent report in the Washington Post, The Skopje Entity was the biggest propaganda center and hosted the largest hackers on the planet…of course the ministry of “Information” in Skopje is the biggest center for false and fake news on the planet..Macedonia is three thousand years Greek, and these pseudo peoples are falsifying history, patrimony, national symbols, and even invented a language which in reality is Bulgarian..Truly feel pity for these people, they have been indoctrinated since the early 1900’s to believe they are “Macedonian” by the Soviet Comintern-and then brain washed by 1947 till today…They deserve the truth and to be a country…just not with Greek names and history.