Portuguese president earns fame for his “power greeting” – India’s Modi wakes up shaking daily now


The Portuguese leader has added to his repertoire of unorthodox handshakes, this time putting to the test the prime minister of India, who greeted him in New Delhi.

A vigorous and sustained (to say the least) handshake from Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa stole the spotlight during his meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi this week. The two leaders appeared before the press, but their greeting extended well beyond formal diplomatic protocol.

In videos that surfaced online, de Sousa is seen grabbing Modi’s hand, which he resolutely shakes in a series of quick, sharp movements. The Indian prime minister appears to be a bit puzzled, but up to the task at hand.

The Portuguese president’s handshaking style has earned him a worldwide reputation. A couple of years ago, he even outperformed US President Donald Trump, who is well-known for his own alpha male greeting which he uses to establish dominance.

De Sousa’s handshake almost knocked him off balance right on the White House’s doorstep.

The Portuguese leader’s unconventional greetings don’t stop there. Last year, a viral video showed a gathering in which a group of students were kissed one by one, only to then be hastily pushed aside by de Sousa.