Powerful quake shakes Mexico city


On the anniversary of a massive 1985 earthquake that killed at least 5,000 people, Mexico City has been shaken by another powerful earthquake, the second the shake the city in the past two weeks. The 7.4 magnitude quake shook buildings in the capital city, sending thousands rushing into the streets, according to Reuters.

Ironically, the quake hit only hours after many people participated in earthquake drills around the nation – drills specifically timed to mark the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake.

The epicenter of the quake was 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Atencingo in the central state of Puebla at a depth of 32 miles (51 km), Reuters reported, citing the US Geological Survey.

A powerful 8.1 quake hit Mexico earlier this month, killing at least 98 people.

Accordin to the Associated Press, much of Mexico City is built on former lakebed, and the soft soil can amplify earthquakes even hundreds of miles away.

The Mayor of Mexico City announced on Twitter that he had activated an earthquake-related emergency committee to organize and supervise the city’s response to the quake.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced that he is returning to Mexico City immediately, and would convene an emergency council to supervise the federal government’s role in the disaster response. He is presently on a flight headed for Oaxaca.