NPC Gjorgje Ivanov – a Traitor, or the Traitor?


Keep in mind, Ivanov is a University Law Professor…

  1. Ivanov signed the agreement with Bulgaria despite it being unconstitutional just like the Prespa Agreement – thus he laid the foundation for tatarization (bulgarization) of the country (negating of language and historical revisions through commissions).

2. Pocket veto for the Prespa Agreement, so it doesn’t obtain an official status of a lawful act. As a result, because it is an unofficial act, the same cannot be annulled in accordance with the Venice Conventions.

3. Pocket veto for bilingualism. Ivanov simply delayed it from becoming a law until the promulgation of the amendments, which incorporate the basis of the law!

4. Two impotent speeches at the UN with NO legal effect!

5. Ivanov did not undertake any FORMAL activities before the UN to overcome the problem with the name, even though he repeatedly promised he would, despite all the petitions, appeals from citizens and experts at home and abroad and at an immediate meeting with Macedonian intellectuals!

6 Ivanov did not publicly call for unity of the Macedonian people, did not lead his people against the pernicious brutal manipulations and criminal blackmailing and bargaining with the MPs in Parliament, even though the HISTORICAL times demanded this of him, as the “father” of the nation!

7. He signed a highly embarrassing and illegal selective AMNESTY, which allowed for majority vote in Parliament for the name change.

8. With the approval of the amendments and their proclamation, Ivanov’s “pocket vetoes” become deflated balloons because both the Prespa and the Bilingual Law become part of the Constitution!

9. By doing so, Ivanov enabled and enforced Greece’s insistence on constitutional changes, as the ultimate guarantee for our renaming. This is due to the fact – if the change of the Name stemmed from the “agreement” only, according to international law / judgment of the international court, they did not have to be respected in the country, if they were contrary to its constitutional decisions, as was the case with us!

10. Ivanov, (arranged, assisted, helped through a well thought out scenario!) – acting as a fake patriot in order to save face and image for the history books, actually completely misled his people as he promised action for protecting Macedonia’s constitution and specifically the country’s name. The betrayal was so high, it actually killed off all the people’s power for self-organizing and resistance.

Did we mention Ivanov is a constitutional law professor?  //Olivera Trajkovska

  • Goran Stavreski

    Ivanov is a lowly ranked mason, who was always visited in his office by higher ranked mason. The rest is history.
    Both Ivanov and DPNE use the same tactic “be fake outraged in public”, and then commit treason the next day. Olivera is 100% right, Ivanov could have done so much, yet he opted to do nothing.

    • Liberty

      Goran, your ignorance is harming. Stop posting stuff that you clearly have no clue about.
      Freemason this or that. Do yourself a favor and read, Masonry is open to everyone, you don’t join by selection, you seek it on your own. As for every dirty rotten politician, call it what it is, rotten politicians selling out for a bag of gold.
      I’m Macedonian, raised with the upmost Christian Orthodox values, and a Freemason. You’re out on left field with these remarks brat!
      The problem with Macedonians, where do I begin!
      Maybe if more Macedonians joined the largest fraternity in the world, the Freemasons, we would have more unity. That is what we lack.
      We have no unity. Freemasonry teaches brotherly love, relief and charity under the guidance of God!
      Its that simple!
      Maybe then we would learn to approach our neighbors with the proper knowledge to bring prosperity to all the people on both sides of the borders, across ethnic & religious divide!

  • neutrinoz

    It was hilarious when he was allowed to visit ARM in Kichevo as “chief” of armed forces with laughable murky face. She-zuckerberg must be still laughing.

    He may only pretend that he is the head of something, but Maya silently have done it all.

    Had his chance to be Historical Norm. Choose to be one of the rotten things that flood left on the banks. Aka his return to university.

  • V.M.

    Ivanov is what it is. A weak individual. And this isn’t surprising, because you draw strength from outside, not from within. Who is going to generate strength from, the clueless spineless rat Mickoski, the snake Mijalkov, or the vagina Gruevski?
    Therefore, don’t expect anything from Ivanov. History will remember him the way apparently Sofia tells us to remember him, but I will remember him as a weak soulless little creature.

  • Belinda Dellios

    It may be all the people that have commented know more than I do…. that is ok.
    Sometimes I also ask myself if he can do more.
    But I just the reporter has done and everybody that comments does.
    I do not know if what is written is true.
    It seems like typical Macedonian behaviour.
    Get out there and do something then, typing is easy.

    • neutrinoz

      Typing is just tip of the iceberg. There are many mute activities going on.
      Our he-he-political elite gave us away as self-service. Psychology of a waiter.
      Leaving us barehanded against 20ys constant craftsmanship of see-I-eye. No one could ever expected such unprecedented turn of millennia.
      Never again representative democracy. Sole Direct democracy. And it need time for development of personal tools.

      Baby is born. Learns his powers.

  • Billy

    As soon as Ivanov signed the Bulgarian bullshit… he made it known whose team he is on. Everything after that was theater. Ivanov did 0 of what his job actually required him to do.