Prilep police can’t afford uniforms during Zaev’s visit


On the social networks in Macedonia, a scandalous photo has gone viral showing the desperate condition of the policemen in Prilep, while the police chief Emilija Velkovska welcomed the Murtino messiah on her FB profile:

Macedonian police can be described as chaotic at best. Dozens of high ranking officials (inspectors, commanders) have been replaced or have had their ranks lowered. In their places albanian criminals have been brought it, many of whom were released from prison by Zaev. This is due to the fact Zaev and Spasovski fear Macedonians may organize a coup against them, so most have already been replaced/demoted.

Recently, over 30 highly trained special ops (EBR) members have been demoted to train dogs because they opposed Spasovski bringing in a criminal from Aracinovo as their boss.

Meanwhile, each time Zaev visits a town, literally every single policemen in that city must be on duty to keep Zaev safe. Due to the fact there are limited number of uniforms, when all policemen are on duty at the same time, nearly a third of them do not have uniforms and patrol in civilian clothing. The photo of a female policewoman wearing her civilian clothing with a police vest on top was captured in Prilep this morning.

Zaev doesn’t have the money to purchase police uniforms, despite borrowing over 1.5 billion euros! No one knows where the money is being spent, however our sources say most of it has gone repaying members of the US Deep State, officials in London and the Albanian mafia who financed Zaev and the SDS for the past three years. The SDS has not announced a single capital project, even stopped existing projects, but continues to borrow huge sums of money whose trail then quickly disappears.


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