Prishtina Professor: Edi Rama snorts Cocaine then rants about great Albania


Prishtina University professor Nedzmedin Spahiju in an interview with RTS publicly accused Albania’s PM Edi Rama that he is on heavy drugs daily, adding everyone in Albania and Kosovo is aware that Rama has major problems with cocaine.

– I’m quite convinced PM Rama was on cocaine when he talked of unification between Albania and Kosovo. He doesn’t want unification, that’s very dangerous. He was likely on drugs when he said that, wishing to blackmail the US and EU” says Spahiju for RTS.

His statement caused quite the controversy, so numerous journalists have contacted him to repeat the statement he gave for RTS.

– And why is this so strange? Just about everyone in Albania and Kosovo knows that Rama has problems with drugs. His cocaine addiction is quite bad and he often gives statements under drugs. This is well documented by foreign intel services. So yes, everyone is aware of Rama’s cocaine addiction. Idiotic statements by Rama and Thaci should not be taken seriouisly, – says Spahiu adding – There is very concerning connection of narco mafia and politics in Albania. In Parliament, in mayoral positions seat people who have never been in politics. Their only thing in common is that they have all spent jail-time in various European capitals for drug trafficking, weapons and human trafficking, prostitution, murder etc. Today, 95% of Albania’s Parliament are criminals with extensive police records behind their names – says Spahiu.

Last year, Spahiu continues – the entire country (Albania) was transformed into a marijuana farm. Through this, criminals and politicians hold hundreds of millions of euros in their hands. This is precisely what Albania’s opposition leader Basha warned about.

EU and US are aware of this, however numerous politicians in Brussels and Washington get a percent from the drug trafficking through dozens of NGO channels, and as a result do not have an official comment on the situation.

As for Spahiu’s statements, this is one brave professor in Prishtina, discussing Albanian and Kosovo politicians as openly as he has. Considering the fact 19 Albanians who were scheduled to testify against Ramush Haradinaj, one of Kosovo top crime boss/politician, have all ended up dead.

  • Palo Alto

    It all makes sense now!

  • V.M.

    Not a doctor here, but Rama does look like someone who snorts cocaine. Look at the guy’s face and eyes!

  • vwp

    Please do not insult drug dealers & users like this. They need respect1