Prof Vasilevska: Zaev will go to jail whether today or tomorrow….


Zoran Zaev will go to jail for the things he does and with a legitimate Macedonian judiciary. Zaev holds hostages such as Boris Damovski, Igor Durlovski, Vlado Jovanovski, Bogdan Ilievski, holds MPs in prison with an active parliamentary mandate, offering to trade their lives and those of their families in bazaar-like fashion – this will not go unpunished, says professor Ivanka Vasilevska, in her guest appearance on the show Only Truth on Kanal 5.

Zaev needs to admit their own involvement on April 27, this was a scenario worked out by the SDS, it is absurd to hold civilians and MPs in jail 7 months after the incident, on terrorism charges simply because they sang the national anthem in Parliament.


  • Tony

    The west has a safe passage for there scapegoat.

    • Goran Stavreski

      If I know anything about the US is.. every politician they recruit, once they use him, they simply let him go.
      Zaev is a used condom, has been since day 1. When all is said and done, the US Embassy will release a note saying they have never heard of him…. The yanks always backstab everyone, the good thing is they’ve always lacked intellect.

  • Maco

    Hope it happens before he bribes/threatens enough politicians to vote for the name change and self-inflicted ethnic cleansing/genocide.

  • vistina

    Sing the Macedonian national anthem in parliament and go to jail. Sing a foreign nations national anthem in the corridor and carry a foreign nations flag and get “installed” as Speaker of the parliament. Macedonia jumps 20 spots higher on the world corruption index,

  • vistina

    EU Ambassador to Macedonia running away from questions