Promises promises: Zaev promised Parliament speaker spot to BESA, but DUI got it


The BESA movement who have 5 MPs in Parliament is not supporting Xhaferi’s election as Parliament speaker. They didn’t vote for him during the sham vote that took place in Parliament and have been against him since the beginning.

In an interview for TV21 BESA’s Kastriot Rexhepi says: – Xhaferi was proposed by the SDS, DUI and the AA. BESA was never part of the process and his selection, thus this needs to be further discussed if we are to cooperate as a coalition – says Rexhepi.

Xhaferi was illegally elected, outside of Parliament procedure, the VMRO-DPMNE says it does not recognize him as a legitimate speaker, and with BESA doing the same the coalition already has problems.

One thing that’s of critical importance is the fact that BESA is 100% financed and managed by Turkey’s Erdogan. Whereas, SDS, DUI and AA are 100% financed and managed by the US Deep State and its representative in the country Jess Baily.
Whatever the two sides are instructed to do, they will do.

This Government coalition will be quite shaky considering the US and Turkey’s geopolitical games are heading in different directions and disagree on essentially everything, starting from the middle east and finishing in the Balkans.

  • LXV

    This may as well be political bullshit in the form of pre-negotiations tough talk, in order to put the party in a position of strength. If you recall, it was exactly Besa that commenced the charade of 27th of April, with their tone deaf representative (one of the founders & a current member of Besa’s Executive Board) growling the Analbanian anthem, which means they’ve had preknowledge of what is about to happen and they fully supported it.

    Besa’s goals are not necessarily different from the ones that Western-backed cockroaches have. Erdogan is as duplicitous as the Anglo-Zionists and on the other hand, to paraphrase George Carlin, ZATO’s got Turkey by the balls…

  • V.M.

    For Erdogan, it’s important Turkey to have greater control in the Balkans, he is clearly trying to establish Ottoman-like control. Now if he can agree with the US on it, great, but I doubt he can because Turkey is already shunning NATO on many levels.
    In the end, the big powers will clash once again in the Balkans, who ever control the Balkan corridor will control the EU economy.