Prosecution seeks life sentences for Kumanovo terrorists


At a closing argument Thursday the prosecution in the ‘Diva Naselba’ case has sought life imprisonment for all 37 men, accused of ‘terrorism’ and ‘participation in a terrorist association’.

The defense said it would analyze the prosecutor’s closing argument and preset its own at a court hearing, scheduled for 28 July.

The trail of the accused of involvement in a shootout that left 18 dead in Kumanovo kicked off in February of 2015.

A shootout which erupted during a police raid between police forces and an armed group occurred on 9 May 2015 in the northern Macedonian town of Kumanovo.

During the shootings, eight Macedonian policemen and 10 (14 unofficially) of the terrorists were killed, while about 40 officers were wounded and hospitalized. The shooting ended on May 10th 2015, in an operation by the Macedonian police and armed forces.

  • jj

    Your old MINA site says that the U.S. Embassy aided the attack and that hospital ambulances were used to transport the weapons.
    The “humanitarian”/medical and diplomatic vehicles and people who need to be watched the most. They are a loophole in terrorism and wars against the host country.