Prosecutor Ruskoska shows old evidence as “new” evidence


Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska at Monday’s hearing in the case of the so-called organization of April 27 events offered additional evidence that is neither new nor related to the unfortunate events of 4 years ago.

Ruskoska as “new” evidence offers old communication via SMS messages between Elizabeta Kancevska-Milevska, former Minister of Culture, and some of the defendants for the so-called organization of the April 27 events.

What is shoking for the lawyers involved in the case is that Ruskoska has known these text messages since 2018 and did not include them in the evidence neither in the first case in which Dobrila Kacarska handed down draconian sentences, nor in the second case for the so-called organization of the events.

On the contrary, the prosecutor decides to present them as new evidence right now, even though she herself took statements from some of the defendants about these messages 2 and 3 years ago.

In the messages, which have nothing to do with the events of April 27, Kancevska and some of the defendants talk about the For United Macedonia protests, analyze their massiveness and talk about the support given to the protests by artists from the country and abroad, we learn from sources from the investigation.

Ruskoska today tried to present these messages to the court as new, although they are neither new nor related to the events of April 27. Whether it is senility, amnesia or the last attempt to try to save the terrorism charges at any cost, only she knows.