Prosecutors tell journalist Nedelkovski he is a threat to the state


Macedonian journalist Milenko nedelkovski has received an invitation from the prosecutor’s office to show up in their offices on Thursday to discuss the charges for “hate speech and jeopardizing the security of the state”. The invitation was sent¬† on the same day VMRO-DPMNE’s mandate ended and the SDS led Government begun their reign. Coincidence?

Milenko Nedelkovski was previously informed that this initiative and invitation by the OJO was spearheaded by the US Embassy. Namely, Vecer’s chief editor Ivona Talevska attended a “journalist forum” organized by the US Embassy which was overwhelmingly attended by USAid financed journalists. To not be overtly dubbed as the “opposition forum”, the Embassy decided to invite Vecer’s chief editor Talevska.

After the meeting, she informed Milenko Nedelkovski that during the forum he was identified as a “problem” in Macedonia.¬† A “problem” because he is popular and his views do not match the views and narrative of the US Embassy.

Strangely, Nedelkovski was not invited to this forum, even though he is one of the top journalists in the country.

In his own style, Nedelkovski says if someone thinks that this invitation would scare him, they are terribly mistaken. In his blog, Milenko says: Bulgarian soldiers entered Kajmakcalan and illegally erected a monument, Baily is walking around our Courts as if he owns them, traitors staged a coup in Parliament, we still have people who can’t go back to their homes since 2001, they are building a refugee camp in Kumanovo, but I am jeopardizing the security of the country?

Meanwhile, USAid financed journalists have been publicly calling for the murder of Gruevski, Todorov, Petrov… for the past three years, but not a single person has been detained or brought in for questioning by the prosecution office or the police. Kolaz-za-nasilstvo

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