Psy Ops: US/UK media reports Assad has fled as he welcomes Scholars to Damascus


Syrian President Bashar Assad received today a number of Islamic scholars from various Islamic countries worldwide amid US and British media rumors of fleeing the country ahead of an expected US strike. This is part of a psychological warfare against the Syrian Government to put the scare in them. But, it’s not working.

The Islamic scholars are visiting Damascus to participate in the Conference of Islamic Nations Unity as the Syrian Army is liberating the last rebel-held pocket in East Ghouta.

In his speech to the scholars, Assad confirmed that “Muslims’ unity based on variety and adherence to the essence of religion is the only guarantee to protect our societies against Western schemes aimed at weakening and dividing us”.

The Syrian President also underlined the important role undertaken be scholars to initiate an open dialogue amongst the basic religious institutions, as well as the youths and public.

Assad’s appearance comes amid rumors circulated by opposition media that the Syrian president left the country with his family as Washington threatens a deadly strike against the Syrian Army in response to an alleged chemical attack in Douma.