Psycho Zaev distracts from treason with Bulgaria by taking in 20,000 muslims


The Macedonian Government led by Deep State puppet Zoran Zaev has ‘adopted’ a document originally promoted by Berlin as a way for Germany to have their country destroyed by muslim migrants, many of which are islamic radicals.

The psycho in charge at the moment in Macedonia, Zoran Zaev and his minister for “Social Justice” Mila Carovska have essentially taken the same document, removed the word “Germany” and lowered the number of migrants or as the globalists refer to “progressive voters” from 1m to 20,000.
Everything else in the document is the same.

In Macedonia, the muslim migrants will be given apartments built with taxpayers money, will be granted citizenships for better ‘integration’. Just as the SDS integrated the 35,000 albanians from Kosovo who were given Macedonian passports in 1995. To this day, albanians are a source of destabilization in Macedonia and are openly disloyal to the country.

The SDS, as Dnevnik warned back in 2015, wants to increase the muslim population in Macedonia, thus further eroding Macedonian identity, and make it even easier to destabilize the country, as Washington/London sees fit, but to also gain more voters and keep themselves in power.

The so called “strategy” is allegedly a 10 year strategy, however, the goal is to implement it within three years, not ten.

The SDS plan is to spread the 20,000 muslims (number will likely double) across Macedonia, including smaller towns where there are no muslims. This is the very definition of destroying a country and someone’s culture from within.

  • jj

    But isn’t the Albanian population in Macedonia actually shrinking – that there is net emigration by Macedonian Albanians to abroad?

    • Goran Stavreski

      Yes, but that’s not the point… the lunatic wants replenish the numbers with more muslims. It’s not good for the SDS when the muslim population shrinks. It’s also not good for the terrorists in NATO, if there is lack of muslims, they’ll have hell of a time destabilizing the country for their geopolitical goals.

      • jj

        Where are they going to get these “replenishing” Muslims from exactly?

        • Billy

          Are you serious?
          There are 60,000 waiting in Greece. There are 1m waiting in Turkey. There are 250,000 waiting in Italy to be transported across Europe. There are 1.5m in Germany, with Berlin wanting to get rid off at least 500,000 (that’s why there is a spat with Poland, Czech… they are not taking any).

          There are tens of thousands more on the way across the Mediterranean.

    • Albobalboa

      The government regurarly publishes statistics. Google the Macedonian statistical office to check them out.

      Albanian population is stable right now, likely to shrink in the future as the birth rate keeps going down. The decrease from emigration is leveled with the natural increase (births – deaths).

  • Billy

    At least now you understand why the lunatics at Langley wanted to install their lunatic from Murtino.

  • Goran Stavreski

    All Macedonians will pay a price for what they’ve done, and will pay an even bigger price for what they haven’t done.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    Another dog act from a scumbag who deserves some guillotine diplomacy.

  • Its Just Me

    Thats really really bad news, but one thing Zaev forgets is, the refugees are not “nice Albanians that will vote for him”. Those are just young, aggressive, no culture people (their culture is something very different than a european culture). I doubt it they will vote. If you want a vote Zaev, you better beg some Albanians to come back. The refugees will see Zaev and Gruevski and think wow they look exactly the same. Its just like when we see Chinese, and they look all alike to us. Plus he will have a lot of work with them since they do not behave. Which could destroy him. I see Zaev as so stupid that he will make a mistake that will destroy him, but he made that decision. He is just stupid and does not realize how obvious that is…Another thing is though, practically with our passport all refugees can travel to Germany, so.. I see the 20.000 leaving the country. We should not forget that the refugees want to go to a western European country and stay and home, receive benefits. Stupid decision by Zaev, I really doubt they will stay honestly – will he pay them? They do not speak the language to work and we are poor.