Macedonia’s Health Minister Venko Filipce bought expired vaccines


Macedonia’s health ministry led by Venko Filipce on January 3rd announced an “epidemic” after four cases of measles had been allegedly registered in the capital. However, only three cases were verified by doctors.

Then, on January 4th, the Health Ministry uncovered why they ‘announced’ the fake epidemic. Minister Venko Filipce stated due to the newly developed situation, procurement of vaccines were necessary, with the procurement put in motion on December 22nd, totaling nearly 11 million euros.

The creation of a fake measles epidemic was announced to justify the purchase.
But, as is always the case with the SDSM, things quickly made a turn for the worse. The vaccines brought into the country were expired. Bought in January 2019, but they were valid until October 2018.
The obvious question is, how many millions were pocketed by Filipce for purchasing expired vaccines? And second, what sort of maniac purposely purchases expired vaccines for children?

It is not known how many children were vaccinated with what the media now calls “SDSM vaccines”.
But, Venko Filipce has come up with a quick solution to the problem. According to the Health Ministry, the vaccines were not expired, the manufacturer has simply put the ‘wrong’ label on them indicating they were expired!.

What is the solution to this? Contact the manufacturer, return the vaccines and get a new batch, right!?

Not if you buy an expired product on purpose!

The SDSM is fixing the problem by putting new labels (over the manufacturer’s original label) that make the expired vaccines fake-valid until March 2019.