Putin: American politicians are “interesting” people, not sure of their sanity


Another choice moment from yesterday’s marathon press conference in Moscow with Vladimir Putin.

Again good footage of the packed hall of journos waving signs hoping that Putin will answer their questions.

A caricature of what is wrong with the West, in the person of an old woman who looks like she lives alone with a cat and worries about Brexit, complete with Woody Allen glasses and unkempt hair, who works for the rabidly liberal, Putin-hating, Associated Press, Kate de Pury, asks a question about North Korea, and Putin goes to town …

He ridicules American congressmen and senators, questions their sanity, insinuates that Ms. de Pury is in league with them, says that their policy in Korea is nuts, reminds the world that the US blew up Libya and Iraq for no reason at all, that it used nuclear weapons against Japan when it didn’t need to, and that it is the US who has made a hash of the North Korea situation and is seriously endangering the world, as it has many times before.

Kate de Pury, Associated Press. I’ll ask my question in English if I might.

The US wants Russia to do more to persuade North Korea to curtail its missile programs Does Russia support stricter sanctions against North Korea? Do you think the cooperation with North Korea could warm up Russian relations with the US under Trump? Thank you.

You’re ‘interesting’ people, I’ll give you that. Have you paid attention to your congressmen and senators? They’re so well-dressed. They seem to be smart people. They’ve placed us on par with North Korea and Iran. And at the same time, they’re pushing Trump to persuade us to cooperate in solving the nuclear crises in North Korea and Iran. Are they sane? It seems plain weird to me. It’s beyond common sense.