Putin: CIA behind Russian “doping scandal”


The Russian police have formally demanded the extradition from the US of Gregory Rodchenkov, a former director of the anti-doping centre.

Signs are emerging that there may be the influence of western intelligence involvement in his crimes. We aren’t talking about James Bond style theatrics, but the all too real subtle influence and subterfuge reminiscent of the KGB’s “active measures” employed during the First Cold War.

In a remarkable statement on camera a few days ago, Putin said he believes the Olympic doping scandals are being orchestrated by the CIA.

Specifically, he believes western corporate interests are lining up with governments to sow social conflict in Russia during the election season.

Here is what Putin had to say:

The Olympics will take place in February. And when do we have the presidential election? In March. So we seriously suspect that all of this is done intentionally.

Someone wants … to spread frustration with the fact that the state was allegedly involved in the violations and is responsible for this [doping scandels].

Today, international sports organizations, including the IOC, very much depend on … the controlling interest [of the] the United States.

That’s why we have a strong suspicion that in response to our alleged interference in their election, they want to create problems with the election of the Russian president.

It makes you wonder who is meddling in who’s elections, huh?

President Putin, himself a decorated field grade officer of the KGB appears to smell a rat.

  • es art

    It’s correct what Putin is saying about the CIA. I always suspected that the CIA wants to interfere with Russian election, by claiming Russia was interfering in the USA election. The CIA, MI6, and all other associated western lunatics have historically accused all socialist countries of doing exactly what was in their sick brains, and certainly what exists in the very sick parts of the western society that have been implemented and governed by the lunatics of the USA ‘elite’, who can’t see anything else from their thoughts about money, greed, power, and vicious exploitation of the most vulnerable. All this has become very obvious to me, when after living 30 years in a socialist country, I moved to live in a western country. I have never been able to speak freely in the western country where I moved to live. I learned to speak freely in the socialist country where I was born. In the western country I have been severely punished whenever I have attempted to express my free opinion to date. This punishment of me has significantly increased when I refused to do illegal things for the government officials for which activities mainly migrants are used, and when I exposed the extreme corruption that exists in all levels of governing of the western country; a corruption that is now increased with the existence of the double ‘shadow’ administration that was implemented by the lunatics from the Obama administration. I, my life, and all my communications have been continuously controlled since I came to the western country in a way that is much worse than any description that CIA has produced about these activities being conducted in the socialist countries. I have been tormented, punished, abused mentally and physically, criminally attacked, starved for days without food, in an organized way, and I can’t seek any help about it. I am silently controlled. All this because I lodged legal proceeding against government agencies and senior government officials, and I have solid evidence that clearly exposes their corruption and exploitation of the most vulnerable, with the assistance of a double, ‘shandow’ administration that exist in this and many other countries arround teh world . So, the west is not the land of promises as the CIA and MI6 paid journalists wants to present it.