Putin finds the time to meddle in an Austrian wedding


When Austria’s foreign minister gets married, you can expect politicians to be there – but maybe not a foreign head of state. However, one of Karin Kneissl’s guests was Vladimir Putin, who arrived with a bouquet of flowers.

The bouquet wasn’t the only gift up Putin’s sleeve at the wedding of Kneissl and multi-millionaire Wolfgang Meilinger. He also brought along the Kuban Cossak Choir to entertain guests.

Looking sharp in a navy-blue suit and burgundy tie, Putin also shared a dance with Kneissl, who wore a traditional Alpine dress known as a dirndl.

Putin arrived to the celebration in a convoy, despite swirling reports that he would be coming by helicopter. He traveled in his car with Margot Klestil-Löffler, the former first lady of Austria and a former ambassador to Russia. Security was boosted in the area as the convoy traveled to the wedding.

Hopefully the SDSM plans on expelling an Austrian diplomat for this brazen meddling by Putin. This of course ought to be backed by the DPNE’s VP Nikolovski.

Back to Putin, his wedding gift was bringing in a Cossack orchestra who played traditional Russian songs.