Putin: I’ll explain US strategy when I retire


Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would explain the strategy of the United States after having retired.

“I will certainly answer this question, and give a very detailed answer, and a very frank one, but only after I retire,” Putin said in an interview with US filmmaker Oliver Stone in a documentary series when asked to explain US strategy.

Stone, in his turn, suggested that the strategy of the United States could be in destroying the Russian economy, changing the country’s leadership, making Russia its ally and then taking Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

“Such a course of thought, such a version of policy is possible. If it is so, I consider such policy as a wrong one especially because such viewpoint at the relations with Russia is not aimed at the future. The people that think so do not look at least for 25-50 years forward. And if they did, they would build their relations with Russia in a different way and would not try to turn Russia into their vassal,” Putin replied.

The first part of the four-episode documentary series by Stone, dubbed The Putin Interviews, was aired by the Showtime television network on Monday night, with the remaining parts to be broadcast later in the week.

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