Putin impressed with level of stupidity by US Political establishment


With the United States rapidly descending into a William Hogarth political farce, curious minds want to know: What does Russia’s President Vladimir Putin think about this never-ending freak circus?

Putin has generously provided us with some insight into his innermost thoughts on this trending topic.

Speaking earlier this week at a news conference alongside Italy‚Äôs prime minister (the same conference where he “reprimanded” Lavrov for withholding US nuclear codes), Putin casually diagnosed the US political establisment with a fatal case of dangerous stupidity:

It’s hard to imagine what these people, who generate such nonsense and rubbish [about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia], can dream up next.

What surprises me is that they are shaking up the domestic political situation using anti-Russian slogans. Either they don’t understand the damage they’re doing to their own country, in which case they are simply stupid, or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and corrupt.

The US is cannibalizing itself. Let’s just hope that whatever reemerges from the American abyss will have some common sense. Hope dies last, as they say.

  • LXV

    All I can say is I don’t want to be anywhere near the N. American continent when the Second American Revolution finally kicks in…

  • Billy

    The CIA and corporate media think they can control the situation… they are in for a surprise…