Putin’s cell phone is encrypted and then encrypted again


A conversation between the leaders of two countries is basically conducted in accordance with a protocol that stipulates the use of special diplomatic channels and the assistance of qualified interpreters.

Vladimir Putin watches broadcast of Russian judo wrestlers

Who would have imagined, but Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t use an iPhone, the all-time favourite of Instagram influencers, or Huawei, from the native land of his colleague Xi Jinping, but rather a mobile designed especially for him.

The cell phone is thicker than an ordinary smartphone and has several levels of protection, an informed Kremlin source told Russian media.

“There’re several levels of protection, including one that prevents signal distortion. There’s a zero chance that a conversation between two leaders will be wiretapped. The secure government line goes through military satellites. The signal itself is encrypted with the use of secret technologies. It would take more than one year to decrypt it”, the source said.