Questions arise of Macedonia’s PM Mental Health and Retardation


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama tried to make an unsavory joke during yesterday’s meeting between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski at yesterday’s summit of Southeast European countries in Solun.

When Kovacevski was introduced to Scholz as Macedonia’s prime minister, Edi Rama inserted an undiplomatic joke adding that Kovachevski was the PM of “the future western Bulgaria”.

Kovachevski, who like his predecessor Zoran Zaev is said to possess an IQ of a child, laughed uncontrollably at Rama’s ‘joke’.

Macedonia’s public prosecutor in Ohrid, Vojo Dimovski says “Kjurka” should be prosecuted and removed from office. “Kjurka” is Kovachevski’s nickname given to him due to his incompetence and overall lack of intelligence.

“Imagine, this imbecile is negotiating with Bulgaria in our name, laughs like a fool when someone calls his country Western Bulgaria. Someone wake up any of the judges to review the criminal code. When they managed to find criminal conduct with Lambe (Alabakovski), with Kjurka they’ll find at least ten of them” stated Dimovski.