Quisling Gruevski claims VMRO will take swift action if Zaev deviates…


The VMRO-DPMNE leader says that his party will be keeping a close eye whether Zaev will deviate from his promise not to implement the Tirana Platform. The only problem is that not many, certainly not the people we’re in contact with take anything Nikola Gruevski says seriously.

With good reason: anything the VMRO-DPMNE leader has stated in the past six months, his party did not follow through. After making numerous promises, some of which were part of a December manifesto, remained just that, empty promises. From their promise to crack down on Soros NGOs, to no longer allow foreign Ambassadors to meddle in the country’s internal affairs, and his repeated promise to never allow a Soros-led Government. Well you just did, all of the above, and then some.

The VMRO-DPMNE has lost the confidence in Macedonia, particularly among the intellectuals who supported the party. This is increasingly seen by the level and amount of negative comments left in social media after each statement and press release issued by the party. What is perhaps interesting is that the more people get fed up with their empty statements, the more the VMRO leadership tries to wash away their treasonous work by issuing an avalanche of nonsensical PRs.

Few weeks ago, quisling Gruevski, had the audacity to show up on national TV and say “Well, I told you to vote for us and give us 63 MPs, but you gave us 51, so deal with (the situation) it now”.
No Judas, none of us recall voting for Framework Agreements, May Agreements, Przino Agreements… that was you, that was your party.

Just like Zaev, both Ivanov and Gruevski ended up being used condoms. Masked as Macedonian politicians, both Ivanov and Gruevski are NATO-lobbyists and nothing else. You know, because we have to be pro-NATO, or else!?

Could anyone imagine if Macedonia had a politician of the type of Bashar Al Assad! Can you believe this man, the nerves of steel, the character, the unimaginable threats he has faced, fighting against US-EU-Saudi-Qatari sponsored terrorists for six years, not backing down!

Next step for Macedonia’s quislings is to fabricate a referendum for the name so NATO can expand their footprint. It will be done in a similar fashion as the 2002 census. The results will be changed. Quisling Gruevski will appear on TV, as he did after the elections and state – the vote was very important, but people didn’t come out to vote in the right numbers, so this is on you, the people. Of course, the people are to blame, yes, the people get foreign properties and stash millions in offshore banks.

VMRO-DPMNE and the SDS ballists must be punished at the next parliamentary elections, should there ever be one.
We need to get rid of Macedonia’s grave diggers once and for all.

  • V.M.

    Don’t forget, VMRO promised to prosecute Crvenkovski in 2006, and Zaev in 2011… they are still prosecuting them…

  • Goran Stavreski

    What Ivanov and Gruevski did this entire time and still doing is just theater… that’s all they are doing. They are actors.

  • LXV

    As an old saying goes “If voting changed anything, (((they))) wouldn’t let us do it”.
    Alas, “punishing” Crpko and/or DPMNE at the voting booth is simply not enough without structural reforms regarding citizens’ right to recall elected representatives. Until that occurs you can expect all kinds of failed promises and post-electoral ingeneering at the cost of Macedonian national interests…