Quisling Ivanov will sign language law if in agreement with Constitution


Macedonia’s quisling president Gjorgje Ivanov has stated he will sign off on the language law if the law follows the Macedonian constitution. Now, it’s well known that this law is illegal in every facet of its form, and it’s unconstitutional because it redefines the country. If anyone understands this, it would be Gjorgje Ivanov, who is a decorated constitutional scholar.

“I’ve closely followed the debate on the language law and am awaiting the draft law on my desk for a review. So far I haven’t seen it, I will sign it if it follows the Macedonian constitution” states Ivanov.

There is a need to correct Ivanov’s statement here. There hasn’t been any debate on the language law. Instead, the SDS brought the law and voted for it, DPMNE did not attempt to prevent a vote on it. Ivanov wouldn’t know this because he’s been in hiding for seven months after capitulating to Vietnamese-American Deputy Assistant to the Assistant Secretary of Euro-Asian Affairs Bryan Hoyt Yee.

Meanwhile, Ivanov met with Albania’s president Ilir Meta where the health condition of Macedonian mayor Edmond Telemko was discussed. He was detained and jailed by the SDS junta while the police is working on fabricating charges tied to the 2012 elections to keep him in detention. His health has greatly deteriorated in prison, he was ill before being detained.

The SDS junta is not letting Temelko any access to doctors for three weeks. Temelko is both Macedonian and Albanian citizen and is the mayor of Pustec in Albania.