Racket INC: MEPSO + Katica Janeva


I do not consider what I’m announcing tonight to be a bombshell. Namely, I think that the name “bombshell” given by Zaev-led SDS and their recorded conversations, and those published by Momirovski, Zlatev and, finally, Gerovski, as unacceptable.

It’s simple, they published illegally obtained information of private conversations tied to crime, extortion, racket, bribe, abuse of official position etc.

So, whatever you may think of this, but this isn’t a bombshell. Instead, it is the truth about the crimes of influential SDS officials, the truth about a love triangle and the truth about the political funeral of those involved. And ultimately, an investigation, trial and prison sentences for the perpetrators.

I am not capable of kiki-fricki journalism of mouth breathers with tiny balls. Here, you’ll get a name, a last name of everyone involved.

Lets begin with a match made in heaven, the intimate relationship between SPO’s Katica Janeva and MEPSO’s boss Sasho Vasilevski. Their love affair ended in shambles. But that connection produced crime, racket, extortion … and later the SPO activated all its power against a Macedonian company.

Namely, at the time when no one believed or dreamt that Zoran Zaev will replace them, the Director General of MEPSO Sasho Vasilevski and his right hand, the director of the legal sector and a member of the MEPSO Board of Directors Dr. Nenad Krstevski tried to extort multiple companies.

MEPSO owed Beton from Shtip EUR 2.500.000 for the reconstruction of the MEPSO building. Beton Stip has a bank guarantee of 500,000 Euros to guarantee the quality of the finished product. At the end of the work, the supervisory authority determined that it had an issue on the performed work only for the sum of 30,000 euros.

MEPSO had dragged out the non-payment of the invoice to the construction company for their work.

Using this situation, MEPSO’s boss Sasho Vasilevski and his right hand Nenad blackmailed the CEO of Beton by telling him they’d pay the invoice in full, but only if they get 10% of the total invoice back in cash which would translate to 250,000 euros in cash. So they are looking for a 250,000 euro sack.
To cement their offer, MEPSO’s racketeers promised the Beton CEO that his company would not be touched by the SPO, because MEPSO’s boss Sasho Vasilevski had an intimate relationship with Katica Janeva.

Beton’s Advisory Board refused to pay the 250,000 racket, however after 3 months of pressure from subcontractors and Banks, it gave consent. The money was picked up by Nenad Krstevski and brings them to Sasho and Katica Janeva. brings them to Saso ahnd Katica Janeva. The trio each took a piece of the pie, as much as they felt they deserved.

Unfortunately for them, the racket was documented and recorded.

Encouraged by the success with Beton, the couple Sasho-Nenad, with the support of Katica Janeva, begins a racket of a second company – the Panorama Complex in Skopje. The suspect in the case dubbed “Imperia” sought two apartments, one of 180 and another of 150 squared meters with a market value of around 500,000 euros.
They wanted their names on the title of the apartments, while paying 0 EUR for it. Or, to avoid an investigation from the Anti Corruption Committee, they were willing to obtain a Bank load and pay for the apartments, but requested Panorama to immediately pay them back in cash.

MEPSO’s bosses are so sure they will get the two apartments on many occasions they appeared with architects specializing in interior design, making numerous changes to both flats. Nenad’s wife and Sasho’s new girlfriend from Australia will testify regarding this.

At this time, two things happen almost simultaneously.

First, the blackmailed boss of Panarama and accused in the case “Empire” refuses to give up the two apartments for free. Therefore, MEPSO’s bosses, take revenge on Beton from Stip by issuing their bank guarantee, which they have no right to do. So, instead of paying Beton 2.5m euros, MEPSO’s bosses take additional 500,000 EUR.

And secondly, Sasho Vasilevski added to his relationship with Katica Janeva by getting involved with much younger Macedonian woman from Australia.

The connection between the two becomes so serious that Sasho, with his new, slender love, goes to Australia to meet the parents of his new lady.
Naturally, Katica Janeva finds out about this love triangle. As every wounded woman who was dumped for a young woman, Janeva throws hissy fits and tantrums and vows to take revenge on Sasho Vasilevski.

Janeva adds both Sasho and Nenad to the “Imperia” case. Ruskoska and the Public Prosecutor office are made aware of the racket by Sasho and Nenad, and are given the audio recordings as proof.

wounded and left, she reacts fiercely. It includes the company Beton Shtip within the Empire prwocess. There are the names of Sasho and Nenad, and they are changed by Zoran Zaev. And now, all the recordings of Sasho and Nenad’s talks with the people who have been rehearsed, they have JO and Russkoska.

Both were soon replaced by Zaev who appeared disappointed that his appointees were tripping themselves in their racketeering business.

The Kacarska Court, Ruskoska’s Prosecution and Katica the Special One are the whip of an illegitimate fascist government who wants to steal and destroy it all while being untouched by the law.