“Racket” suspect spent 180k euros in few days abroad


Shortly after leaving with one million euros, one of the suspects spent about 180,000 euros in just a few days abroad. The noose is tightening around other suspects, writes Deutsche Welle.

According to Deutsche Welle, other people may soon be involved in the investigation into the “Racket” case. Namely, they are accomplices of one of the suspects, whose names were mentioned in some of the testimonies given so far.

There is still no answer as to whether this may be related to a statement made a week ago by retiree Liljana Todorovska, whose laughable idea to build a “European Nursing Home” was put forward by Bojan Jovanovski’s “NGO International Association”.

According to a contract with the organization, 720,000 euros were transferred to Todorovska’s bank account for her ‘idea’, which were immediately taken by Jovanovski’s associates.

Todorovska told the media that she was robbed after the “Racket” case went public.