Railway line between Macedonia and Greece continues to be blocked


The strike at the Macedonian Railways company continues on Tuesday, with all passenger and cargo trains blocked, except for the Belgrade – Skopje – Solun express train. The union of engineers demands the salaries they are owed.

“We also demand that there are changes to the way salaries are calculated, based on the complexity of the position. We need a written guarantee that we will receive the May salary by the end of June. There is a law regulating the payment of salaries and it needs to be applied to all workers in the country”, said union leader Dusko Cakarovski.

The striking engineers will meet with the acting Macedonian Railways director Igor Korunoski on Tuesday, and they already met with the newly appointed Transportation Minister Goran Sugareski, who said that he supports their demands in full and will work to improve the situation in the public company.

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    Good luck with that one boys!