Rashkovski through a relative made nearly €1m euros via Govt contracts


During SDSM rule, while Drisla is managed by Kosta Nacevski, a relative of Rashkovski and an official of SDSM, the Alpima Gradba company owned by Aleksandar Piperevaliev from Strumica, a business partner of the Zaev family and a relative of Raskovski concludes agreements for renting machines with the public enterprise, for which he is being paid close to one million euros, VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski said at Monday’s press conference.

The Alpima Gradba company, owned by Piperevaliev from Strumica, close to Raskovski, with only two contracts from 2019 and 2020, manages to generate income from Drisla close to one million euros by renting machines? How exactly did the company from Strumica, close to the Zaev family and Raskovski, win the tender for renting machines in Drisla? Has the tender documentation for Alpima Gradba been changed in an open procedure?, he asks.

Stoilkovski explained how the procedure went and how the contract for the Strumica company was set up.

According to the contract from 2020, worth over 12 million denars, and this is the first thing after Drisla becomes a PE and Kosta Nacevski starts managing the company. An call for renting machinery is issued, which initially contains conditions for those interested to have a minimum annual income of 20 million denars per year for three consecutive years, in recent years, to have at least 12 employees and other criteria that imagine while the procedure is open, is changed and deleted! That is, the call begins to get the contours exactly like the company of Piperevaliev from Strumica, a business partner of Zaev and a relative of Dragi Raskovski, at that time Secretary General of the Government. The second controversial point is that the agreement between Drisla and Piperevaliev’s company violated the Law on Public Procurement and the agreement was concluded in private, Stoilkovski emphasized.

While the country was sinking in terms of the economy, healthcare, education, and in every field, says Stoilkovski, SDSM runs businesses based on crime and corruption. Conditions for open tenders are  being changed, and businesses are being shared by cousins and relatives of government officials. That was the tendency and the image of the rule of SDSM for the past five years, that is the image that has not changed yet. The only change will come with early, snap parliamentary elections, he added.