Real reason why Zaev’s cartel wants to legalize marijuana


Zaev’s Government junta two years ago introduced a law whereby one can obtain a license from the Government to legally grow marijuana.

Many in Macedonia are oblivious to the fact that the legal marijuana business is extremely lucrative. It’s a business where growers can sell huge amounts of the forbidden plant to world’s pharmacies who then use it to produce all sorts of meds that contain THC, cannabis oil etc.

Although Zaev’s Government junta has made the growing of marijuana legal, so far, only Zaev’s cartel (his family) has been able to obtain the coveted license, thus owning 100% of the marijuana business in the country.

However, life wouldn’t be life if it doesn’t throw you lemons. Lemons which Zaev took and turn into a really poor quality marijuana seed. That’s right, after planting and then collecting tens of tons of marijuana Zaev’s cartel was told by several pharmaceutical companies his marijuana seed lacked quality and cannot be used in making high quality medications.

As a result, Zaev’s cartel is now sitting on tons of low quality marijuana. Rumor has it, large portion of the marijuana has illegally found its way on the black market, particularly in Kosovo. However, this isn’t good enough and Zaev wants to sell his marijuana the way bananas are distributed and sold. As a result, the government junta in Macedonia is pushing to legalize marijuana across the country.