Ref saves KO’d fighter from hitting the canvas


Muay Thai fighter Neymar Paeminburee can count himself fortunate to have escaped further injury after the actions of a quick-thinking referee saved him from slamming his head into the canvas after being knocked out recently.

So Sovarathana scored a stunning, instantaneous knockout against Paeminburee after he landed a right elbow to the chin during a recent contest in Cambodia, sending his opponent plunging backwards to the mat – and in an effort to save the fighter from suffering further trauma, referee Sittichai Ineiad was forced to jump into action.

Milliseconds after the blow is landed, Ineiad immediately notices that Paeminburee is toppling backwards so in a moment of refereeing ingenuity, he places his hand behind the fallen fighter’s head and follows as he falls, cushioning it from any further impact. 

Several figures from within the martial arts community have since taken to social media to praise the official for his selflessness.