Referendum Fraud gets bigger and bigger every day, Ballot Stuffing at over 80 locations


You know there is trouble when SDSM and Soros backed journalist Branko Geroski was forced to admit there was Referendum Fraud.
“When you enter a polling station, they ask you for an ID, you need to show them your ID. Then they need to look for your name in the list. Then they have to find it, and cross it out for having voted. Then they have to get you a ballot and send you to the private booth to vote. This can take easy 3-4 minutes of your time, and if there is someone in front of you, double the time. Therefore it is not possible for voters to vote every 14, 18 or 25 seconds. Something is wrong” – wrote Geroski in his column in Soros funded Sloboden Pecat.

Meanwhile VMRO officials keep showing more and more evidence of huge fraud that would significantly lower the already low turnout in the Referendum. After showing evidence of ballot stuffing at 60 locations, more and more locations appear to have had voting fraud. All polling stations had people voting in mere seconds, of course at all places this type of “voting” aka ballot stuffing took place between 6:30 and 7:00pm. Out of the 600,000 votes, it’s likely only 350-400,000 are legitimate.

The largest ballot stuffing was in empty villages where DUI governs. Ironically this type of ballot stuffing shows how DUI gets 19 MPs in Parliament, where in reality they wouldn’t be able to get 8.




Kopanica again: (the ballot stuffers returned for a second time)





Once again Bojane



Dolno Svilare

Dolno Svilare again

Gorno Svilare

  • Maco

    Referendum fraud was always going to be a reality with psychopaths, traitors, criminals and terrorists being part of a junta government. The referendum fraud won’t impact the vote in the assembly next week. The crucial thing will be how many dpmne politicians betray their country, people and ancestors and vote with the junta government in the assembly to destroy Macedonia, its identity and history. This poses the important question of how a country allows politicians to openly accept bribes to betray their country and people. If Zaev does not get the 2/3 majority the stupidity and idiocy will not stop. If stupid calls an election, just like the referendum, the fraud will be rife and the election results rigged. Only way to get rid of psychos, traitors, criminals and terrorists is a bullet in the head. The result will be the immediate end of the threat to and the saviour of Macedonia.

    • Legenda Patriot

      Absolutely well said! Clean up the scum now. Let’s hope there are enough bullets.

  • vistina

    Clear evidence of major electoral fraud in 80 locations in a small country. This makes Macedonia a national disgrace in the international community. EU is no better because with their silence on this matter they condone it which says a lot about their honesty and integrity.

    With the new laws in 2015 a technical government must be in place for 100 days before early elections and this applied to Gruevski but Zaev wants to flout the laws of the nation again and is wanting elections in 45 days. He thinks he can do as he pleases and disregard the law. VMRO-DPMNE should insist on the 100 day law and President Ivanov should enforce the law. Zaev is in a hurry to please the Greeks. He knows the majority of citizens and parliamentarians in Macedonia and Greece are against the Prespa agreement and that he and Tsipras won’t be Prime Ministers in 2019. What is his motivation to try push the failed referendum through against the decision of the majority?

    With the video above proving the massive election fraud stick some English subtitles on it and share it on social media and send it to journalists in every country so the world can see what is really happening in Macedonia.

    The election fraud was rife after 5pm when not many were watching. For the next election the fraudsters may try the ballot stuffing fraud early at 8am, or hand out marked papers before the doors open at 7am. There needs to be as many observers as possible from 6am to 9pm to watch and note their every move. With the proof of massive fraud in this failed referendum there is the requirement of much more observers because the electoral workers cannot be trusted. Special emphasis on areas that showed fraud in this failed referendum. The observers must be from all political parties, and non political groups, and because the massive fraud has tainted Macedonia’s reputation there needs to be many foreign observers too. Not just EU staff because they have not condemned the current fraud. Why just EU observers only? There should also be some observers from Turkey, Russia, Hungary, Poland.

    • Maco

      Vistina, well said. Unfortunately Macedonia has become a cesspit of criminals, traitors and terrorists. Apart from a peoples revolution I cannot see how Macedonia can get out of this mess. The opposition, the dpmne, is weak with no strategy or true objective. The situation calls for mass rallies. The majority of the country are on their side yet the dpmne keep quiet as if they are too scared to do anything. The dpmne should boycott the assembly, demand the junta governmnents resignation and demand fair elections (in reality the possibility of fair elections in macedonia are a myth). They should not participate in the assembly until their demands are met. Macedonians are relying on others to solve all of the bullshit and it just won’t happen. The people they are relying on are the ones that have caused it.