Referendum Fraud gets bigger and bigger every day, Ballot Stuffing at over 80 locations


You know there is trouble when SDSM and Soros backed journalist Branko Geroski was forced to admit there was Referendum Fraud.
“When you enter a polling station, they ask you for an ID, you need to show them your ID. Then they need to look for your name in the list. Then they have to find it, and cross it out for having voted. Then they have to get you a ballot and send you to the private booth to vote. This can take easy 3-4 minutes of your time, and if there is someone in front of you, double the time. Therefore it is not possible for voters to vote every 14, 18 or 25 seconds. Something is wrong” – wrote Geroski in his column in Soros funded Sloboden Pecat.

Meanwhile VMRO officials keep showing more and more evidence of huge fraud that would significantly lower the already low turnout in the Referendum. After showing evidence of ballot stuffing at 60 locations, more and more locations appear to have had voting fraud. All polling stations had people voting in mere seconds, of course at all places this type of “voting” aka ballot stuffing took place between 6:30 and 7:00pm. Out of the 600,000 votes, it’s likely only 350-400,000 are legitimate.

The largest ballot stuffing was in empty villages where DUI governs. Ironically this type of ballot stuffing shows how DUI gets 19 MPs in Parliament, where in reality they wouldn’t be able to get 8.




Kopanica again: (the ballot stuffers returned for a second time)





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