Referendum voting in diaspora: 98% decline in Australia


A huge decline is reported in referendum voting of Macedonian citizens in Australia.

According to unofficial data, the drop is almost 98 percent in Melbourne and Canberra, compared to the election turnout in 2016.

At the polling station Melbourne in 2016, 1,111 voters were registered, out of which the right to vote was made by 527 people. This year, 104 voters were registered to vote in the referendum, and only 7 of them voted.

Such figures show that the drop of registered voters is 91 percent, and the drop in attendance is 98 percent.

The situation in the polling station Canberra is similar.

In 2016, 696 people were registered to vote, however for the referendum only 71 people registered, which is a decline of 85 percent.

While 327 voters cast their vote in 2016, today only 6 voters did the same, a fall of 98 percent.

Similar is the situation elsewhere in the diaspora. There are a total of 87,000 registered voters outside of Macedonia’s borders. For this referendum, only 2,755 voters (3%) registered to vote.

The polls are now closed abroad and according to our information less than 1,000 people (out of 87,000 eligible) have cast their votes – for a voter turnout in the diaspora of 1.15%.