Republika: Assassination of Kosovo Serb leader was arranged at US base Bondsteel


All evidence for the murder of Kosovo Serb leader point to American military base Bondsteel, located in the south of the Kosovo’s province, reports Serbian based daily “Republika“.

According to the daily, US base Bondsteel is the location where terrorists underwent their training in preparation for their task. In addition, Bondsteel has long been the HQ for the training of all Kosovo based terrorists among the likes of Lavrdim Muhaxeri who were then sent to Syria to join ISIS. The Americans also use the same base to control all trafficking of heroin supplied from Afghanistan who is then transported to European capitals in NATO marked planes.

The US base was built near Uroshevac in 1999 on land owned by Serbs who were kicked out from their homes, and is one of the largest in Europe. It’s a city on its own. It’s named after James Bondsteel, a US soldier killed in Vietnam.

Bondsteel is also dubbed the “small Guantanamo” because of the shady dealings that go on daily basis.

This American base was also pointed out as the main operational center by the leadership of the Kosovo based terrorist group who attacked in Kumanovo back in 2015. In a rather shocking letter to media, the terrorist group stated their mission was organized at Bondsteel adding American diplomats in Skopje were well aware and approved the operation.

  • jj

    I agree. The U.S. State Department issued a warning to Americans in Northern Kosovska Mitrovica several days before the assassination – so they knew something was up, but moreso they were preparing the ground. Plus the British forces in Kosmet had increased their presence and activity there in the weeks before it happened.
    They only released him (finally after years of harassment and violation of his rights – being kept in jail for a long time without a trial before the trial with the same “witnesses” who can’t get their stories straight and contradict themselves) because it would have been too suspicious for him to die in jail. He was 64 but a very healthy, trim and athletic man.
    So they released him on appeal but put him under house arrest, which meant he was always located and in essence a sitting duck for assassins and an assassination attempt.
    He was hit 6 times in the chest – very good and efficient marksmen or man.
    Too bad he didn’t have a wall or narrow slated iron gate in between the front of his house and the street.
    That he was kept harassed by the false Albanian claims and in jail showed that the U.S. didn’t want him free and influencing Northern K-Mitrovica.

  • jj

    And look at what the title of an article at Foreign Policy says. They are looking at his death as an opportunity:

    An Assassination Could Be Just What Kosovo Needed
    A tragic death could spark a lasting peace in the Balkans’ most restive region.
    BY EDWARD P. JOSEPH | JANUARY 22, 2018, 2:42

  • Goran Stavreski

    The crazy thing is not just they are not denying things, but applaud their terrorism.