Residents in Shtip mock Zaev, stage ceremony for opening a ‘Road sign’


Со чочек и сечење на црвена лента свечено беше пуштено во употреба новото триаголниче

Posted by Штипски Актуелности on Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Local residents in Skopje call in turbo folk music for various ceremonies:

  • Opening a door to a grocery store
  • Students have played turbo folk music at an ‘opening ceremony’ of a school built in 1961
  • Students played music during their opening of a chocolate bar

And now several residents in Shtip staged an opening ceremony for what appears to be a road sign on a curb.

Not to be outdone, another group of residents gathered for an opening ceremony to celebrate the fixing of a pothole in Prilep.

As the old Macedonian saying goes: Never lose hope, always believe there is chochek at the end of the tunnel.