RFE: Zaev’s right hand owns 1/3 of 75 hydro power plants in Macedonia


One third of 75 existing hydro power plants in Macedonia are owned by Deputy Prime Minister Koco Angjusev, Radio Free Europe reports.

The first small hydro power plant in the country received a license 10 years ago and since then 75 small hydro power plants have been built and operate. The government at the latest energy forum said 35 more are under construction and 18 others are waiting for a concession.

According to data from the registry of the Energy Regulatory Commission for preferential electricity producers from small hydro power plants, as well as data from the Central Registry, shows that one third of the existing 75 hydro power plants are owned by Vice Koco Angjusev. The website of the Feroinvest company, owned by Angjusev, says that they own 25 small hydropower plants, RFE writes.