Rolling blackouts to start today: REK Bitola produces 0 electricity


The situation is pretty bad, we have been importing electricity again since this morning, but less than before because the weather is in our favor, the head of MEPSO Kushtrim Ramadani told “Faktor” Monday morning.

Earlier, ESM announced that due to a ‘defect’ in the boiler of Bloc 1, the whole bloc was shut down last night at 3 o’clock in the morning. With this, practically, the domestic production is reduced to zero, and electricity is available from the import made by ESM and very minimal from the hydro potential. Ramadani is adamant that there must be quick reaction and that at the moment the warm weather is on our side.

We took electricity from the European network again this morning, but not much about 30 to 40 megawatt hours of electricity. However, the shutting down of the bloc in REK Bitola is not in our favor, it is not known what we will do with the coal and whether, except for REK Bitola, TEC Oslomej can be put into operation. Certainly the situation with zero domestic production is not good and does not go in our favor, Ramadani told “Faktor”.

He said the company currently needs about 30m euros, of which 15m euros are for liquidity. These days, the invoices from the power imports that MEPSO made in the previous period will be collected. The possibility to transfer money from the budget will be opened by declaring a state of crisis, which is planned for tomorrow’s government session.

Rolling blackouts are already under way. Few days ago it was Kumanovo when practically the entire city was left without electricity for 8 hours, today several Skopje suburbs lost power…