Rosoklija confused: What are the idiots in Sofia celebrating?


Columbia University professor and my namesake Gorazd Rosoklija in a FB post asks what are officials in Sofia celebrating?

If the Ilinden uprising marks the foundations of the modern Macedonian state, what is official Sofia celebrating? Is Bulgaria celebrating the foundation of the Macedonian state and if so, why? – asks Rosoklija.

This is not about who is putting flowers at various monuments, the key question for me is how is Ilinden going to be redefined so Bulgaria can take place in celebrating it – asks Rosoklija.

The Macedonian professor says: “Again, Ilinden was a Macedonian uprising against Ottoman rule, it’s about Macedonian statehood, what is official Sofia doing on August 2nd?”

Rosoklija adds – This is the same as the British celebrating 4th of July, even though the Americans got rid of British rule and proclaimed independence on that day.

Macedonia and Bulgaria have never been on the same side in any conflict. In fact, they have been enemies in every major war. Not a single person in Macedonia understands why is Bulgaria celebrating Ilinden and is doing so only in the last decade? Official Bulgaria used to raid Ilinden celebrations by Macedonians in Bulgaria, but today it celebrates it?

Even bigger question is why Bulgaria returned the remains of Goce Delcev to Macedonia over 60 years ago. If Sofia claimed Delcev as its own, they would have clearly kept the remains.
Why suddenly place claims only in the last 10-15 years… Why name schools “Goce Delcev” in Sofia now, why not do this in the 1940′-50’s (like Macedonia did), or the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, even 90’s?

Ss Cyril and Methodius University professor Cuculovski perhaps summed it up best in an interview for TV Nova: You can’t sacrifice the truth for alleged good neighborly relations.

It appears that Bulgarian officials have received harder hits in the head than Zaev in Parliament.

  • Leonid Breznik

    Just some quick history: the bones of the Bulgarian, Gotse Delchev, were given from Bulgaria to Macedonia in 1946 due to direct pressure from Moscow, as part of the project to foster the development of a separate Macedonian identity.

  • LXV

    Well put, though this is same old, same old from the genetically defective mongoloid Vulgarians.